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Concerts à venir / Dates locales

3 JULY Quatuor Impact & Carol Robinson

Jardins ouverts Région Île de France / Hôtel de Massa

6 july - Fame première 

Festival Artdanthé / Théâtre de Vanves

11 july exit duo julia & charliebeatbox

Jardins ouverts Régions Île de France / Fondation Good Planet

13 JULY Fame, soirées performances

Scène Nationale d'Orléans



Première le 6 juillet - Festival Artdanthé 

Découvrez le teaser



3 july Quatuor IMPACT & Carol ROBINSON

Jardins ouverts Région Île de France / Hôtel de Massa

6 july FAME PREMIère

Festival Artdanthé / Théâtre de Vanves


Jardins ouverts Région Île de France / Fondation Good Planet

13 july Fame, soirées performances

Scène Nationale d'Orléans

14 to 15 october le grand dégenrement

Points communs Cergy

16 November Fame

Consortium de Dijon


Festival Born to be alive / Manège de Reims



4 december duo sur le vif Michel Simonot

Mende Festival 


A highly trained and professional violist, Julia Robert is currently developing a multidisciplinary language of performance, integrating the theatre and the body into her practice.


In 2013, Julia Robert completed a post graduate course in viola, specialising on contemporary repertoire, at the CNSMD in Lyon in the class of Christophe Desjardin and studied in Berlin with Friedemann Weigle (Artemis Quartet). During the 2014 Darmstadt Festival, Julia Robert met a "new generation of composers".

Inspired by their creativity, she founded the Compagnie Leidesis and the Quatuor IMPACT in 2015
with the aim of defending a repertoire of new music that breaks down genres and develops a
relationship to sound and gesture that is free of conventional constraints.

Thus was born the quartet's first project: Les Automates de Descartes, based on the mechanics of gesture, with outside observation by Johanne Saunier (Compagnie Rosa by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker). 

Cardinalestheir second creation in collaboration with composer Giani Caserotto, is an immersive device where the audience, seated in the center of the amplified quartet, navigates in an ocean of sound and light. 




In March 2020, Quatuor Impact recorded Forest Gazing composed and performed by and with Carol Robinson for birbyne & String Quartet at Radio France in Anne Montaron's Création Mondiale Programme. Quatuor Impact is currently collaborating with director Marine Mane on her upcoming creation Knit with, among others, composer Karl Naegelen. 

In 2017, Julia Robert joined the O.N.C.E.I.M. (Orchestre National des Nouvelles Créations, Improvisations et Expérimentations) and participated in the works Gruidés by Stephen O'malley and Occam Ocean by Éliane Radigue. In the same year, she performed on viola and viola d'amore with Garth Knox and together they recorded the album Leonard released by Tzadik (2017), which includes Angels from John Zorn's Book of Angels (vol.30).

Julia Robert also joined Jocelyn Mienniel's Rayon vert, which premieres at the Salmanazar in March 2020. From this orchestra a trio has formed with Jocelyn Mienniel on flute and Aurélie Saraf on harp.


She composed and played the music for Ce qui demeure by Élise Chatauret (premiered in 2016), revived at the Avignon Festival 2018 at La Manufacture.

The choreographer Pol Pi entrusted her with the sound design of his project daté·e·s (creation at the CND in December 2020) in which she develops and edits tapes with a Revox A77 and with Live Ableton.

In 2019, Julia Robert began a performance process with Fame, her first solo creation on the theme of celebrity. She reveals her talents as an actor, singer, arranger, and sound designer. It is a way of affirming the multidisciplinary dimension of her work and of reconnecting with the learning she has been developing since her youth in parallel with her career as a viola player (dance, opera and jazz singing, theatre). The premiere will take place on 6 July 2021 as part of the Artdanthé Festival. Fame will play on 13 July 2021 for the performance evenings at the Scène Nationale d'Orléans, then on 18 November in Reims as part of the Born to be alive 2021 Festival. Some excerpts from this project will be found in Blaise Merlin's Le Grand Dégenrement where Julia shares the stage with Leïla Martial, Élise Caron, Camille Boitel, Joëlle Léandre, Noémi Boutin, Marlène Rostaing, les Capilotractées and Aurélien Barrau.

Julia Robert is currently working on two new creations. In alètheia (ἀλήθεια in ancient Greek) which means "being - true" Julia Robert unveils her music through the viola d'amore, the viola and the voice, instruments that she veils and diverts in order to reveal other listening points. A first recording of this solo between improvisation and writing has already been made at Why Note in Dijon in November 2020.

EXIT is a duo formed with CharlieBeatbox, percussionist, beatboxer, and singer. Charlie and Julia are brother and sister. After the first lockdown, they decide to unite and compose a dozen tracks. They let themselves be inspired by their respective artistic experiences as much as by their fraternal complicity. Inspired by Massive Attak, Portishead or Björk, they have a strong desire to tell the story of existence through music that is both simple and sophisticated, and to find an escape route. This may eventually lead them to write a show full of surprises!


Julia Robert - directrice artistique Cie Leidesis
 - 06 70 92 37 13

Alice Couzelas - chargée de production et de diffusion - 06 88 38 00 99

Adeline Ishiomin – chargée d’administration - 06 83 85 31 66

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